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FAQ’s – Virtual Assistant

Posted on: March 5, 2010

I network and work with a lot of small business owners and I’ve found that many of them have never heard of my line of work, virtual assistance. My company provides professional administrative assistance to small businesses, so that the business owner can focus solely on running their business.

Every successful business owner understands that in order sustain growth and avoid burnout, office tasks must be delegated. By sharing this information with others, business owners will be able to have a more successful, effective, and efficient business. Here are some frequently asked questions about virtual assistants that may be helpful for you.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an independent contractor who provides professional administrative support to clients.

What a VA is not.

A VA is not a professional that does one specific type of task for the client.

Why would I hire a VA?

VAs provides business support so that you can focus your energies and time on running your business!

Less stress-You will be working with another set of professional set of eyes that can catch likely errors and improve presentations, marketing, and correspondences.

VAs are a more convenient alternative to having an in-house employee.

(Yes, you can continue to work in your exercise clothes!)

Why work with a VA vs. an in-house employee?

There are a number of reasons why people work with VAs (here’s a few):

Lack of equipment needed for someone else to use

Lack of desire to purchase or lease equipment

Lack of space for an in-house employee

Lack of desire to hire an in-house employee

Lack of desire to pay for employee benefits, payroll, etc.

Lack of desire to pay for firing an employee

Who typically works with a VA?

VAs works with an array of successful professionals such as: consultants, real estate agents, executives, speakers –anyone who wants to create a more balanced professional lifestyle.

What type of services does a VA offer?

VAs offers a number of administrative services:

Email Management

Website Management

Appointment Scheduling

Social Media Marketing

Internet Research

Travel Itinerary Management

Business Correspondences

Office Forms Creation

PowerPoint Presentation Creation, etc.

Who works best with VAs?

People who work best with VAs are:

People who value business relationships

People who are internet savvy

People who have big goals

People who can effectively communicate their needs

People who are focused & organized

People who can delegate effectively

People who are trusting

People who do not micromanage

People who do not procrastinate, then rush to the deadline

How do I make sure I hire the best VA for me?

Create a job description

Write out your wish list –what personal qualities would a VA possess.

Check their professional references.

Issues always boil down to communication –make sure that you communicate better.

Have realistic expectations – so set very specific goals for a specific timeframe.

How do I hire a VA?

The VA sets up a conference call to discuss needs and package plan that works best for the client

VA sends a proposal describing the needs of the clients disclosed in the conference call

Client approves proposal (if changes needs to be made –proposal is revised)

VA sends final letter of agreement for Client’s signature

VA sends Client’s invoice

Client sends VA tasks to complete

Your Dependable VA, Inc. provides over 40 administrative and social media marketing services.

Our clients look to us for great quality and incredible service!

Let us help you take your business to the next level!

Contact us today!

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2 Responses to "FAQ’s – Virtual Assistant"

What is the best way to check vendor references besides the complicated Lexis Nexis?

Good question? Here’s a link that will show you how.

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