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Effective Communication & How This Can Help You Grow Your Business – Part 4

Posted on: October 7, 2009

For Most, Change Can Be Difficult

You will find with some clients, they are not comfortable with change. The routine that you may find convenient and efficient could be confusing for your client. Make the best of the situation by clearly explaining to your client exactly what you need from them. Be clear in expressing the what, how, why, and where. It would be best to inform your client how this could benefit him or her.

Think Positive (I know, you hear it all the time.)

Sometimes when working with others in business we find ourselves subconsciously focusing on the differences, instead of commonality. Next time when you and another business owner encounter this problem, make your focal point the reason why you’re both working together. You can say something like, “My reason for working with you is to assist you in taking your company to the next level. I want to see your business succeed.”

About the Author: Priscilla Walker is the president and CEO of Your Dependable VA, Inc., a cost effective virtual assistance company. We help small businesses grow by providing premium professional administrative and social media marketing assistance.

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