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WHERE DO I START? Key information to help YOU start YOUR OWN business! PART 1

Posted on: July 24, 2009

Starting a business can become quite overwhelming, especially when it’s just you. I, personally, have tracked down several resources that have been most helpful for me, and would like to share some of them with you.

Develop and Evaluate Your Business Idea

When starting a business, it’s always good to play to your strengths, not your weaknesses. Also, when considering a business idea keep in mind the probability of profitability.

Write a Business Plan

It is very important (for everyone in the business) to have a clear understanding of strengths, customers, and competition.

Choose the Best Legal Structure for Your Business

This step, in my opinion, should not be skipped. There are several benefits to incorporating your business. Benefits include personal asset protection, name protection, additional credibility, tax flexibility, perpetual existence, and deductible expenses.

Register Your Business name

If you plan to operate your new business as a co-op, corporation, or partnership, you need to register you business name.

Find a Location

The first step in finding a business location is to determine what amount of space you need. Other key things are affordable rent, zoning, and neighborhood. Also, remember to thoroughly examine the contact and negotiate the best deal.

Stay tuned to Part 2…..coming soon……

About the Author: Priscilla Walker is the president and CEO of Your Dependable VA, Inc. (YDVA, Inc.), a business support & cost effective solutions company. We provide high premium business support and cost effective solutions for small businesses. We focus on administrative assistance, social media marketing, and business development. For more information, please contact us at “Have a More Productive Day with Your Dependable VA!”™


2 Responses to "WHERE DO I START? Key information to help YOU start YOUR OWN business! PART 1"

Very nice post! I like all the resources that you offer – should be very useful for the new business owners. It is really important to go through these steps as these are a foundation of business – because just being self-employed and skipping these matters opens one up for all kinds of liabilities.

YOU GO GIRL!! To your success, to your growth, and to your adventurous spirit!! Luv you, cuz!!

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