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Find Out How to Cut Costs, Free Up Your Time, & Increase Your Profit by Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Posted on: July 23, 2009

Many companies both large and small constantly find the need for extra help, but don’t have the money or the office space requirements to hire full-time employees. At Your Dependable VA, we provide you with high premium business support & cost effective solutions. Our virtual assistants are a precious part of your team who:
• Don’t waste time on interruptions, office gossip/politics, breaks, downtime, internet use
• Don’t take up space in your office
• Don’t require you to pay payroll taxes
• Don’t ask for benefits
• Don’t ask for a vacation

Your virtual assistant provides you with various business support services, but is NOT your employee, but one of Your Dependable VA who is to you an independent contractor who provides services for a monthly fee.

We offer 3 pre-set plan contracts and customized plans as well. Currently, we are offering a 10% discount for first-time clients (for the first month). Your Dependable VA only will only charge you for the actual time spent working on your projects.
We spend a significant amount of money screening, hiring, and training our virtual assistants to give them a higher skill set to provide solutions to our client’s problems.
Our services include:
• Business Development /Strategic Planning
• Social Media Marketing
• eCommerce Setup
• Appointment/Schedule Management
• Email Reminders
• Internet Research
• Database Management
• Business Meeting Scheduling
• Travel Itinerary Preparation
• Vendor Management
• Event Planning
• Project Coordination
• Conducting research
• Disseminating information by using mail services, Web sites, and e-mail
• Business Letters/Correspondence
• Certificates & Awards
• Invitations
• Labels
• Spreadsheets
• Writing/Editing/Proofreading
• PowerPoint Presentations
• PDF Creation
• Office Forms Creation
• Surveys
• Resumes/CVs
• Brochures
• Flyers/Newsletters
• Postcards
• Mailings
• Order Supplies
• Dinner Reservations
• Gift Purchases
• Basic Bookkeeping
• Invoice Processing
• Utility Payments
• QuickBooks Management
• And more!
For more information and your 10% discount, please contact Your Dependable VA @

About the Author: Priscilla Walker is the CEO and Founder of Your Dependable Virtual Assistant (YDVA), a business support & cost effective solutions company. High premium business support and cost effective solutions for entrepreneurs. Focus on administrative assistance, social media marketing, and business development.
Contact us @
“Have a More Productive Day with Your Dependable VA!”™


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